Max's photos.

Nineteen and a half weeks old.

Pumpkin, pub and picnic!

Max being fed pumpkin! Flavour!
Max making a mess of pumpkin.

Max sucking thumb and in giraffe booties!
Max has discovered his thumb is delicious! And check out the super cute giraffe booties!

Jemma in tree at Centennial Park
Jemma in a tree at Centennial Park.

Max doing a good Gilligan impersonation
Hey there, little buddy!

Ann and Matthew
Ann and Max's newest cousin, Matthew! He's only three weeks and one day old here!

Joey kicking ball
Joey kicking a ball. Action shot!

Max showing off his manga eyes
Max with the big manga eyes!

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Last updated: Tuesday 15 April, 2003. (Max twenty weeks and six days old.)