Max's photos.

Fifteen and a half weeks old.

Lots of photos of Max and his two big cousins, Jemma and Joey.

Jemma, with the Duffield frown
Okay, no Max in this one. This is his big cousin Jemma, displaying the typical Duffield frown that Max so often sports.

Joey & his grampa
No Max again! What am I thinking?? This is his big cousin Joey, and their grampa.

Max in swing with Jemma
Ahah! We found a great use for Aunt Ann's swing! Jemma looks on.

Joey & Max
Joey and Max.

Max with his parents
Max with his mum and dad. Seems more interested in chewing his fingers however. (And check out that authentic Duffield frown!)

Jemma holding Max
Jemma holding her little cousin Max.

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Last updated: Thursday 13 March, 2003. (Max sixteen weeks and one days old.)