Max's photos.

Max four days old.

Lots of sleeping Max!

Max, blissfully asleep
Max asleep, and looking angelic.
[Photo by James & Cass]

Max asleep, mouth open
Ummm, Max asleep. And still angelic, who would have thought it?
[Photo by James & Cass]

Max asleep
Yup, still sleeping. (We really don't see enough of this any more.)
[Photo by James & Cass]

The new family!
The new family! And Honka Honka Dog, Max's favourite toy. (We think. He tends to stare at it, but maybe he's just staring off into space which just happens to be filled by Honka Honka Dog.)
[Photo by James & Cass]

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Last updated: Tuesday 17 December, 2002. (Max four weeks old tomorrow!)