Archived News


Tuesday 24 December: Well, tomorrow Max is 5 weeks old (where does the time fly? What happened to the little sleeping angel I brought home? Aw, he's still the cutest baby around, even if changing [and challenging!] on a daily basis). And it's his first Christmas. I doubt he'll pay much attention. :) But thanks to everyone who sent Christmas presents and cards to the little fellow! If he was more advanced (and if his parents had more time) he'd be sending you all replies. ;)

Friday 20 December: One month old today! I reckon I'm getting the occasional smile from the little fellow now too! And more additions to the FAQ, which seems to be constantly growing as I keep on remembering things at odd times. (Your IQ doesn't necessarily halve when you become a parent, but all your attention is suddenly focussed on a small demanding individual so the rest of your life does get rather neglected.)

Wednesday 18 December: More photos of Max! Quite a few with his paternal grandpa (Geoff Close) who was in town for the past few weeks.

Tuesday 17 December: Finally got the website up! And the photos! Thanks to everyone who gave us copies, plenty more photos to come soon (naturally!). I can't believe Young Max is only five weeks old, he's definitely taken over our lives quite completely in a very short space of time!! And he's completely gorgeous, not that I'm biassed or anything. ;)

Wednesday 27 November: Welcome home Max! (Actually we got home late last night.) He's settling in well, the cat's not *too* freaked. His room looks fabulous, Max's dad did lots to it when I was in hospital.