Fingerpainting and crayon scribblings!

8 March 2005

Another creation from day care!

16 February 2005

At day care the other day, the kids got to try out collages.

Max's description: "red car. orange car".

1 December 2004

texta gone mad
The other day Max was happy to sit next to his dad and scribble all over some pieces of paper...

xmas colours!
And this one is nicely done in Xmas colours, just in time for the festive season!

two textas at once!
Apparently Max was wielding a text in either hand to get this spectacular effect.

10 August 2004

Finger painting from day care. And purple is one of his favourite colours.

Crayon scribbles on a drawing of a plane
Before you ask, no, he didn't draw the plane.

Crayon scribbles on a drawing of a car
And he didn't draw the car either. But he scribbled on it!

30 March 2004

Max's first artwork!
Finger painting from day care. A regular Picasso! I hope he didn't eat too much of the paint.