So you want a dropdown menu...

Oh, I had fun doing those! I got sick and tired of the amount of real estate lists of links were taking up, so I nicked some code from elsewhere on the BC website, and ta da!

Here's an example:

And here's the code:

<select class=tinyselect onChange="self.location.href=''+this.options[this.selectedIndex].value+''">
<option value="">Bookrings/rays I have joined:</option>
<option value="">Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventures, Dave Gorman</option>
<option value="" class="TRAVselect">Mother Love, Martine Oborne</option>

First, please make sure that each select and option tag is on one line. It's okay if it word wraps, but NO hitting return.

The <select>...</select> gives you the dropdown. The class=tinyselect makes it look like the other BC dropdowns, for consistency. The onChange=... bit is some javascript that will redirect people once they've chosen from the list.

Then each book goes in as an <option>...</option>. Each option is one choice in the dropdown. The first option has no value, this means that it's just a placeholder really. Gives an explanation of the drop down, and doesn't affect anything if people just click on the list and scan it - they won't necessarily be redirected to a different page if they don't choose a particular choice in the dropdown.

The "value=..." bit in the <option> tag gives the URL that the user will be sent to if they choose that option. You need to make the URLs complete (, for example) or AT LEAST keep the initial slash ("/") on the partial URL (eg /journal/762731).

The class=... bit for each option gives the colouring in the dropdown. The choices are:

class="TRAVselect" - yellow (travelling)
class="TBRselect" - purple (to be read)
class="RESselect" - pink (reserved)
class="AVLselect" - green (available)
class="PCselect" - silver (permanent collection)